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About us

Here at Royal Metals Refinery we pride ourselves in customer service above all else. Our goal is to provide an environment that is exciting and interesting for our clients. The integrity of the company is founded in the roots of our team's heritage and beliefs. We intend to offer you and yours what you deserve for your precious valuables and are always happy to be available whenever possible to assist. 

The founding of our company began with an idea rooted in the pursuit of the American dream. Started by a group of southern families and friends that look to enrich the communities that we visit, whether it is purchasing scrap precious metals and refining them into their purest form or to find a new home for your collectible coins. We take a personal interest in what you have loved, dedicated to passing that onto the next collector that would carry on that legacy.

Our interest and expertise spans further than just precious metals and coins. While the list of our interests cannot be completely encompassed on this site, we have an interest in war memorabilia and Americana. Please feel free to look around the site to get a better understanding of the items that we have an expertise in working with.

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