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How Our Events Work


When you arrive at the event you will enter the main lobby of the hotel or venue. You will see RMR banners at the entrance. Please do not hesitate to ask the hotel personnel to direct you to the conference center. Once you enter the event, an RMR event coordinator will welcome you and guide you to one of the buyers that are available. 


An event coordinator will have you take a seat in the lobby if all buyers are currently with someone. Depending on your items, you may be asked to wait for a specific buyer. This will insure you have the buyer with the most experience with your particular items. While you wait please feel free to check out the display table, grab some refreshments or just sit back and relax.


Once you meet your buyer, they will take you over to their desk and evaluation area. Our buyers have a real passion for the items we are acquiring and love to hear the story of the items you brought! During this time the buyer will take the time to evaluate and (if necessary) further research what your brought down. Once your buyer is done evaluating your items we will make a cash offer based on current values and what our network of collectors are willing to purchase them at.


Once the offer has been you accepted, the buyer will prepare some quick paperwork for both our records and yours. We will complete a receipt for you and a buy-sheet for the company. This will keep us in compliance with local law enforcement and provide you record of the transaction. The buyer will then proceed to pay you in a secure and discreet manner. If you would like to have an escort out, one of our event coordinators would be more than happy to walk with you to your vehicle. 


Last but not least many any of our clients return more than once! We encourage you to return if you noticed something you may have been unaware of that you would like to sell. We also highly appreciate word of mouth referrals to anyone that you think may benefit from our event as well!

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